Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2

DVD - 2018
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I usually dislike the sequel to many movies, but Incredibles 2 did a great job as one. Although I feel that it isn't as good as the first, it did not disappoint and made me laugh. The movie felt like an updated version of the first installment. I especially liked the comedy scenes with Jack-Jack and stay at home Mr. Incredible.

Jun 12, 2019

As a follower of animation films we thoroughly enjoyed this latest Pixar/Disney release. Incredible graphics with the water sequences more realistic than anything we have seen up to this point. The story was more intense, building on a fairly easy plot to figure out but if you love animation this second installment brings the genre to a new and exciting level.

May 28, 2019

Thought the villain could use more work.

May 19, 2019

Incredible, as always

May 17, 2019

This film really suffered from a terribly written villain.

May 06, 2019

this is a good second one but the first one was slightly better

VaughanPLDonnalee Apr 14, 2019

I loved the first Incredibles movie back when it first came out, and I'm very pleased that the sequel, 14 years later, is also very good. It doesn't have the freshness and originality of the first one, but it was quite enjoyable. The animation is smooth and polished, and the main characters are very believable and likeable. The scenes with Jack-Jack and his newly discovered and out of control powers were fantastic. There were lots of great moments. Overall, it didn't have the "wow" factor of the first one and the plot was a bit predictable, but it was an enormously fun and entertaining film.

Apr 13, 2019

it was great!

Mar 31, 2019

Quote: "Pull yourself together! You're Elastigirl!" ~Edna. I enjoyed Incredibles2 more than the original. Full disclosure: I'm an adult viewer with no kids in the house; watching this as part of research/homework to aid my volunteer gig teaching young kids to ski.

Mar 22, 2019

A good sequel to the great 2004 The Incredibles film. Good story of a family of powers, living in a world that has made super heroes illegal.
No extras on this DVD.

Mar 21, 2019

Before discussing this movie, I recommend watching the first one before, just so certain characters and things make more sense. On the other hand... the Incredibles are back and better than ever! When confronted with a series of issues, it is up to them to work as a family to stop a mysterious force behind them. One thing I liked was how the movie normalized stay-at home dads and showed how much work goes into taking care of children and the house. This is a step in the right direction for a more mindful society. @Siri of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

It took them 15 years for them to release a sequel to the original Incredibles and I gotta say, it was pretty good. I was a fan of the first Incredibles and i’m so happy that I knew that there will be a part two for so many years. I thought that the screenplay of this movie was absolutely fantastic, I thought the writing couldn’t have gone better, it's not only for kids to enjoy it, even me as an adult I loved it. I think this was the awaited animated film of millennial generations. I think all of the sequels that have been made overall this is probably been one of the best ones. 5/5 Stars. @moviefanatic of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Mar 11, 2019

this movie is the best!

Mar 11, 2019

Not a bad movie. I thought some of the things were predictable, but I liked how it showed the mom going to work and the dad having to coop and keep the family running.

Mar 09, 2019

Great movie, mystery involved. Recommended.

Mar 09, 2019

do children like this? maybe they like the action and don’t pay attention to the dialogue of the villainous soliloquys.

Mar 08, 2019

Fun romp suitable for family viewing. Enjoyed it!

Mar 03, 2019

good movie! jack jack is mi favorite big time with countless powers to learn to control! 😍😁

kristina_rad Feb 22, 2019

A fun, action-adventure packed family film. I have not seen the first Incredibles and can't make a comparison, but I can say that Incredibles 2 made me laugh out loud and cheer for Elastagirl all the way. The animation is great and family vibes totally delightful. Absolutely enjoyed seeing Bob (father figure) deal with the challenges being a stay at home dad and managing the household duties.

Feb 14, 2019

Not bad
I enjoyed the first one better

Solid movie. Villain plot is kind of silly and unnecessary.

Jan 25, 2019

Good movie but I didn't think it was as good as the first one. I don't know if it's the passage of time or the fact that this movie couldn't sneak up on you and the expectations were high (perhaps higher) than the first time around. A good movie but not a great one.

Jan 19, 2019

Fun movie, great animation. We enjoyed it :)

Really cool! not as good as the first though ( kind of funny to)

I watched this book in teatheres it was great my brother and i wore red t-shirts to wartch this movie i wore a canada shirt i got from Childerns place store well my mom did it was for canada day we wore it for cause it was gonna be the next day this movie is about i'm getiing this movie from hold tomrrowin teatheres i said thats a cool castle because they made a incredables disney castle its wearid i said to my brother he asked her out to the movies and we are watching it in then thers tis is getting to weird freaky he said i got a increables 2 step into reading book when i got the DVD from the library when he was holding jack and he said vilet i thought he poped but my brother said he just doesn't want to hold him and we have incredibles 2 yo get my brother when he gave jack jack to his dad the people laughed in teathers with his sister telling Dash to wash his hands when Dash asked arre things bad and the mom said things are fine and he ate fast people laughed i too when i saw them outsidei said what i thought they arre in their own home there not i thought they are gonna kiss but when i said it she kissed him Dash when he let everyone out and started to talk to him i thought he will say oh sorry you cant come but he just said he is his biggest when a guy said i love super heros i thought it was mr Incredable but it was a man when i saw a lady in teathers this movie she looks to me a lot like from Monsters VS Alieans my brother laughed when mr. increables got hit by a pellow by his wife my brother smiled when the furnatre went down the water i didn't know she was talking to the people online i thought she was talking to herself its funny he put the table on the baby crying so the baby won't get out but they laughed that a baby was holding the remote that it got out of bed they laughed Jack Jack was fighing the racon because he thinks its bad he is taking food from the trash peolpe laughed jack jack turned into fire and the racon was scraed and thst the baby had lazereyes i said weard a lot of babbies in teathers i heard Rick not Brick i am watching it from the library now the DVD i thought it was a man but my brother says it's a girl i said gril when they got to the restorant called happy plader she didn't know he works there her boyfriend when he said goodevening she spit water threw her nose the clock cime scared me made me jump in teathers and now i didn't i see he pounched her in tearthers when on the news he saw his car he said they said they be gone repair and got mad and his kids baby they laughed when the guy said what the witch the baby disapeard and Bob said num num jack jack wonna cookie when his face looked warid we laughed with him bitting daddy people laughed that the baby look like Elanr i thought she was scaning a man saw the elavator and talked nicly when he turned into a monster my brother laughed that a baby's on fire and hoe dash said it i laughed they are up there i said and people wereing laughing at the big baby in tearthers my brother said big baby people laughed mr increaable said did i do that after he finished fighing people laughed and we did that she makes him go to theathers gave him money told him to save her a seat it's weaird cause we were watching in tearthers too. THE END

Dec 23, 2018

Not even close to being as good as the First One. must not be the same writers, O k for television but not theater worthy.

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