Invincible Vol. 7, Three's Company By Kirkman, Robert Graphic Novel - 2006

Invincible is trapped in a love triangle but the girls he's torn between lack any real character. Mark wants to stay loyal to Amber, his non-powered girl friend because she's been so loyal to him but their relationship has lacked any real spark of romance. Atom Eve has powers and has fought beside him but she doesn
t really have any personaility either.

Finally it becomes aparent after so many issues that Mark himself lacks any real character; He's a superhero just becuase he has super powers. Because he's a superhero, he has to stand up to his alien father because their race wants to enslave Earth. In the meantime Mark jumps from crisis to crisis because he simply HAS to fight villains but not out of any deep inscrutible principles.

Oh, and in this volume, he kills someone. But in the next TPB, it's right back to fighting generic villains as per usual.

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