The Girl Who Smiled Beads
The Girl Who Smiled Beads A Story of War and What Comes After By Wamariya, Clemantine Book - 2018

I have wondered how people who survived Rwanda and who survive being in refugee camps go on with their lives. This book answered my questions. I was exhausted while reading about her walking, walking, walking, through all these countries. I was hungry while they went days without eating, thirsty when they had no water. I didn't even want to imagine the open sewers, being treated like less nothing.
I couldn't imagine what it was like to go to a completely different country and try to fit in and act like nothing happened so as to keep her place in a home and a school so that she would have a roof over her head and not be hungry again. Her introspections will help me learn about myself.
She and her sister's journey and survival are amazing and will help me get through whatever I need to get through day by day, year by year.
I thank her for sharing her story and wish everyone who makes decisions about invading countries would read this book.

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