Endeavour The Complete Fifth Season DVD - 2018

You got a girl?... Didn't think so. When did you last get your leg over? As a matter of interest.
- None of your business.
It's exactly my business. I just don't see why you get to ask all the questions, that's all. You know everything about me. I know nothing about you.
-Save it for your clients, Miss Thorne. I'm immune.
You've got needs coming off you like a junkie gouging for a spike. But you won't do anything about it. Why? What happened? Somebody take your girl? I can help you forget her. Or maybe you don't want to. I can be her, if you like.

These films are a travesty. A calumny upon Egypt and all Egyptians.
-Just a bit of fun, surely?
There is a time for fun. My country's at war with Israel. A situation you British created. My own son was shot down over Suez last July. These films, this nonsense, makes a mockery of the history and culture he died to defend.

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