Endeavour The Complete Fifth Season DVD - 2018

I've only tried to keep you safe from that.
- Nobody asked you to.
You, your mum and Sam. If I've come up short,
- It's 1968. I'm not your little girl any more. People have to make their own mistakes.
What's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?
-My job.
Hard to get, eh?
-Oh, you've no idea.
I like a challenge.
What about the stripping?
- Exotic dancing. It's all very tasteful. Nothing smutty.
I've seen it. Doesn't leave much to the imagination.
-That rather depends on your imagination, doesn't it?
You're a common prostitute.
-You've seen where I live. There's nothing common about me.
Maybe it was only hate that kept her going. Once she'd settled their account.
-Maybe she'd nothing left to live for.

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