Endeavour The Complete Fifth Season DVD - 2018

Who do you think you are? Some sort of detective? Throwing out your little theories. I'll tell you what you are. A woodentop. A plonk. A person of limited or no knowledge.
-I know enough not to park on double yellows.
Keep your tits out of my operation. Got it? There. You can run along now and have a little cry.
- I'm not the crying sort.
Oh, I know your sort. Good for two things. One of 'em typing.
-I believe you're unfit for duty through drink, sir. Go home and sleep it off.
You mouthy little Oi!
It's a new world out there. By the book's all well and good. But it's fire with fire that gets results. Division knows it even if you don't.

The motion before this house is: "This house believes in an end to immigration and the repatriation of all settled immigrants to their ancestral lands." This motion is not about the colour of one's skin. It is about national resources stretched to breaking point by an influx of immigrants to this green and pleasant land.

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