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This sequel to Scythe is almost as incredible as the first. Citra, now the newly appointed Scythe Anastasia, becomes accustomed to the scythe way of life, while Rowan, taking on the nom de guerre Scythe Lucifer, delivers his own brand of justice against the scythedom. Although on opposite sides of scythe law, the two learn they can trust almost no one but each other in their battle against the corrupted side of the scythedom. And, a new hero ordinary teenager named Grayson Tolliver is thrust into an unfamiliar world of violence and terror by the Thunderhead as its plan unfolds…
Thunderhead is an amazing addition to the Arc of the Scythe series, with incredible action, intriguing plot twists, and impossible revelations. Shusterman’s ending is masterfully suspenseful, shaking the entire world, scythe and otherwise, to its very core.

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