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LPL_ShirleyB made a comment Sep 30 2020
"Reconnect to our liminal roots with the luminous, wise & lyrical words of 2nd Kansas Poet Laureate Denise (Dotson) Low-Weso. Low reflects her heritage which includes Delaware (Lenape/Munsee), Cherokee family." Permalink
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LPL_ShirleyB made a comment Sep 29 2020
"Good news! An updated and expanded edition of this poetry collection is coming out spring 2021! "Sparrow Envy - Field Guide to Birds and Lesser Beasts", with more musings on wild things is available to pre-order from the nonprofit publ..." Permalink
LPL_ShirleyB created a list Sep 29 2020
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Lawrence Picks: Best Mysteries Translated Into English, recommendations from the Mystery Book Club

"Mystery Book Club met September 20, 2020 to discuss selected mysteries translated from different languages into English. This list features our top picks! • A mystery is a story about a crime and the investigation and discovery of who did it. • T..."
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Fiction Books Featuring Our Great State of Kansas!

"Miss Linda has put together a list of her very favorite books featuring the greatest character of all, Kansas!"
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