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LoganLib_Kirra created a list Dec 10 2019
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The Standout Young Adult Books of 2019

"With the year coming to an end we have the best Young Adult books from 2019 at your library to enjoy! How many have you read?"
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From New York Times bestselling author of POET X comes a story of a girl with talent, pride and a little bit of magic that keeps her fire burning bright. Ever since she got pregnant during freshman year, Emoni Santiago's life has been about making...
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Dec 09 2019
"I actually really liked this book, but the reason I'm going to say this book is "JUST OKAY," is because it took me around three fourths of this book, to actually decide that I liked this novel. If this book wasn't required reading for me..." Permalink
LoganLib_Kirra created a list Dec 08 2019
General Recommendations

Who is Gatsby?

"The Great Gatsby was published almost a hundred years ago, but it still remains a wistful and honest story of dreams and hope. Experience it today at your library."
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Days Gone

Software - 2019
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