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Gender Outlaws

The Next Generation

Bornstein, KateBergman, S. Bear
eBook, 2010

Little girl

DVD, 2022

DVD 306.768 L778 Doc

Am I A Boy or A Girl

Transgender Athlete Featuring Savannah Burton

DVD, 2021

DVD 306.768 A478ta Doc

Am I A Boy or A Girl

Drag King & Female Performer Featuring Trey McGowan

DVD, 2021

DVD 306.768 A478d Doc

Am I A Boy or A Girl

Coping With Psychiatric Abuse Featuring Evan Kelemen

DVD, 2021

DVD 306.768 A478c Doc

Am I A Boy or A Girl

Transition From Male to Female Featuring Gayle Roberts

DVD, 2021

DVD 306.768 A478tm Doc

Am I A Boy or A Girl

Making A Public Transition With James Gardner

DVD, 2021

DVD 306.768 A478m Doc

Am I A Boy or A Girl

Role Model for Trans People Featuring Xavier Raddysh

DVD, 2021

DVD 306.768 A478r Doc

Am I A Boy or A Girl

True Self Suppression Featuring Pina Newman

DVD, 2021

DVD 306.768 A478t Doc

Am I A Boy or A Girl

First Nations Transgender Featuring Sandy Leo Laframboise

DVD, 2021

DVD 306.768 A478f Doc

Am I A Boy or A Girl

Live your True Self Featuring Marie Little

DVD, 2021

DVD 306.768 A478L Doc

Markie in Milwaukee

DVD, 2021

DVD 306.768092 W482m Doc

The right girls

DVD, 2020

DVD 306.768 R571 Doc


Autistic Transgender People in Their Own Words

Book, 2020

306.768 S741

Once A Girl, Always A Boy

A Family Memoir of A Transgender Journey

Ivester, Jo
Book, 2020

306.768 I955o

Little Miss Westie

DVD, 2019

DVD 306.768 L778 Doc

Trans Mission

My Quest to A Beard

Bertie, Alex
Book, 2019

306.7680941 B543tm

The Trans Generation

How Trans Kids (and Their Parents) Are Creating A Gender Revolution

Travers, Ann
Book, 2018

306.768 T779t


A Transgender Awakening

Schwenke, Chloe
Book, 2018

306.768092 S414s


Transgender Men and the Remaking of Identity

Stein, Arlene
Book, 2018

306.768 S819u

The Queer & Transgender Resilience Workbook

Skills for Navigating Sexual Orientation & Gender Expression

Singh, Anneliese A.
Book, 2018

306.76 S617q

Lou Sullivan

Daring to Be A Man Among Men

Smith, Brice D.
Book, 2017

306.768092 S643L

He's Always Been My Son

A Mother's Story About Raising Her Transgender Son

Barkin, Janna
Book, 2017

306.768 B256h

Gender Revolution

A Journey With Katie Couric

DVD, 2017

DVD 305.3 G325 Doc

Black on Both Sides

A Racial History of Trans Identity

Snorton, C. Riley
Book, 2017

306.7680973 S673b

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